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Why add trees to my landscape?

by editor on March 29, 2011

Unfortunately it seems more and more homeowners are cutting down trees rather than putting them up. Trees aren’t just aesthetic ornaments. Their appeal goes beyond having something nice to look at and can actually improve the quality of your Ohio lawn and other surrounding plants.

An obvious benefit of trees is the shade they provide. Not only is this nice for you and your family when you want to spend time outdoors but not necessarily in the direct sun, but for your Ohio lawn and plants as well. Lawns can actually suffer when exposed to the direct sunlight without any breaks, especially if you cut your grass during the day. The tree also allows the soil to remain cool instead of being dried out by the sun, thus reducing the amount of moisture to which your Ohio lawn has access.

Believe it or not, adding trees to your landscape can also improve the air quality around your home. Trees are natural air filters, catching dust and other particles in the air before they reach us. Trees also absorb air pollutants, making the air around them more pure.

If you think your landscape could benefit from adding trees, call your local Ohio tree care company. Not only will the addition be environmentally beneficial, but imagine how much more you will enjoy the aesthetic quality of your property.

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