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Tree Care Tip: Prevent winter tree damage with white plastic

by editor on July 22, 2011

Regardless of where you are in the country, recent months have shown us that if nothing else, weather is unpredictable and you never know what to expect. Even more, expect the unexpected. Trees are much more sensitive to the weather than we might think, especially younger trees which have not yet developed a strong defense against colder weather. One of the ways a young tree can become damaged during the winter months is by being exposed to direct sunlight in the winter. This exposure is magnified if there happens to be snow on the ground, which will reflect the sunlight directly onto the tree.

Why would sunlight be bad for a young tree, especially in the winter? Plants understand weather and just like some animals that hibernate during the winter, they go into hibernation mode to protect themselves from the harsh weather. Sunlight can confuse the tree, and allow the cells to thaw during the day; however, once the sun has gone down, these cells are exposed to the cold temperatures and freeze immediately. The defrost and abrupt freezing causes bark damage, which will create at-risk areas that are susceptible to disease or insects once the weather has improved. The bark can also become sun scalded, which means it can split or fall off completely.

By wrapping white plastic around your tree prior to cold weather, you will give it a better shot at coming through the winter months with minimal damage. Tree care specialists recommend wrapping white plastic around the base of the tree, however, be mindful not to get any adhesive on the tree. The plastic should be wrapped in layers in an upward direction to ensure the entire trunk is protected by the white plastic. Tree care experts say the wrap should stop once you have wrapped up to the second branch from the base of the tree.

Make sure to secure the plastic adequately, taking care to not get any tape on the tree itself. Keep a close eye on the tree throughout the winter to ensure there are no openings or areas where the plastic has become loose. This holds particularly true after major storms where wind or rain could have compromised the wrap.

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