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Wisteria Tree Care

by on September 16, 2011

Wisteria trees are a stunning addition to your landscape and definitely give it that “pop” you want to make your property stand out from the rest. Wisteria trees offer wispy, sweeping foliage with lavender blossoms which infuse a perfect fragrance for enjoying your outdoor living space. Some think such a beautiful tree must be a handful when it comes to tree care, but they are actually easy to mind and some tree specialists say they even flourish under neglect. So get out your pruning shears, some twine, stakes and water. We’ll show you just how easy Wisteria tree care can be.

Stabilize your Wisteria

You first need to stabilize the trunk of your Wisteria tree by fashioning a frame-like device. Push or hammer a solid stake six-to-12 inches deep into the ground, about a half inch away from the tree. Choose a stake that is long enough so you don’t have to constantly pull up the old stake and insert a new one to adjust the attachments. Using your twine, loosely but firmly, secure the tree’s trunk to the stake every eight inches. Tree care specialists say it is important to check the twine at the beginning and end of each season to ensure it isn’t restricting the Wisteria’s growth and also pinch off shoots as they appear on the trunk.

Basic tree care for your Wisteria

The first year of a tree’s life is very important, as it needs a great deal of attention. Getting your Wisteria the right amount of water is very vital during this time. Tree care experts recommend giving the tree an inch of water each week. You need to make sure the water reaches deep into the ground so the roots are able to access the moisture. Tree care specialists don’t recommend fertilizing unless the ground has dry or sandy soil.

Protect your Wisteria during colder months

If you live in an area that experiences extreme temperatures, snow, cold winds and ice, it is imperative that you protect your Wisteria during these months. If you don’t want to perform the necessary steps or aren’t sure what to do, call your local tree care company and have them winterize your Wisteria. They will place plastic tubing around the tree to protect it from the elements. Tree care experts also recommend tying the branches together with twine (carefully, of course) to lessen their exposure to wind, rain and ice. The rain and ice especially can easily break the newly formed branches.

Prune you Wisteria to perfection

Pruning is a very important part of adequate tree care. You want to keep your Wisteria in a globe-like shape by pruning the dead or dying foliage or branches. This will also promote health and growth. The Wisteria grows rapidly, so it’s important to prune often if you want to keep it at a certain length. Before winter begins, you should prune away all the shoots on each branch with the exception of the first five or six.

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